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Please fill in the "Contact Us" form (to the right) to reach the manager of the club you attended with a description of your lost item. This is the fastest form of communication and allows us to have all information, from the club you attended to how to get back in touch with you, etc. We have found that when customers leave voicemails, the messages often miss some of that so thank you for taking the time to fill out the "Contact Us" email. We will make sure your message gets routed to the appropriate manager or club owner. Responses can be expected by mid-week when the managers are back to work. You may also return to the club the next night we are open to speak with a manager in person to retrieve your items if we have them.


For questions, comments & concerns please reach out.

General Manager: Tullie Bailey - [email protected]

Marketing & Ticketing

Marketing Director: Hannah Burtness – [email protected]

Digital Marketing Coordinator: Dani Rodriguez - [email protected]

Content Coordinator: Drew Zwilling - [email protected]

Private, Corporate Events & Event Rentals

Producer, Private Experiences: Adrienne Hollie – [email protected]

Business Relations

Director of Operations: Maria Christou - [email protected]

Managing Director: Veronica Smith - [email protected] 303.339.6613

Latin Nights

Promoter/DJ: Dante Gallegos – [email protected]

Venue Managers

The Church Nightclub Manager: Juan Valadez - [email protected]

Bar Standard & Milk Manager: Tullie Bailey - [email protected]

Club Vinyl Managers: Amanda Martin - [email protected]

Mike Christou - [email protected]

For Matters Of A Serious Kind

Please reach out, we want to hear from you – [email protected]

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