The Living Room

1055 Broadway St
 Denver, CO 80203

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General Phone


Venue Manager

Ty Hubbard

Lost Items & Open Tabs

Please return the next night we are open to speak with a manager and retrieve your items if we have them or email The Living Room manager here, keeping in mind the manager returns to the office on Tuesdays.

If it’s of immediate concern, email us the details to:

Private, Corporate Events & Event Rentals

Dani Rodriguez – Event Coordinator –

Marketing and Ticketing

Stephanie Kroll – Marketing Director –


Brennen Bryarly – Talent Buyer

Comments, Complaints, Concerns

Please let us hear from you. We are here to take your call Mon-Fri 9am-4pm at (303) 832-8628 (Press 0 for Operator). Email:

For matters of a serious kind please email