Trancegiving at The Church

Posted: Wednesday November 22, 2017

Trancegiving at The Church

Over the last thirteen years, the folks behind Global Dance have been made Trancegiving an annual Thanksgiving eve tradition by bringing in some of the leading names in trance music to the Church. These celebrations on one of the biggest club nights of the year have featured heavies like Paul Oakenfold, Rank1 and Ferry Corsten. This year, DJ and producer Markus Schulz, who has headlined Trancegiving multiple times, returns for event’s fourteenth iteration.

Schulz told Your EDM that during a previous Trancegiving he arrived at the Church early and walked around the venue, exploring for a while before he got focused on his set.

“I went downstairs and there was this rock party going on,” he told Your EDM. “And I got sucked in to the vibe! The DJ was playing music from bands like The Cure, and had I not been playing that night, I would happily have stayed there all evening. But I do love playing for the fans in Denver, especially being asked so often to perform on Thanksgiving Eve at The Church nightclub over the years. I think I have spent more Thanksgiving mornings in Denver than my hometown of Miami in the past decade!”

Schulz also told Your EDM that he’s one of the very few lucky ones who gets to do what they love for a living and that he genuinely believes that he was put on this earth to entertain people through his music.

There are so many talented people in this industry who don’t make it or catch that essential break, meaning that they have to give up their dream and secure a different job to support themselves and their family. So, I take absolutely none of this for granted. For some in the scene, their goal is to get in, make their money and get out as quickly as possible. But for me, I want to keep doing this for as long as my health allows. It could be all over tomorrow.”