The Church Nightclub Slogans

Posted: Thursday September 28, 2017

The Church Nightclub Slogans

A few weeks ago, we polled the social media world to find out what your best ideas were for a Church Nightclub slogan. At first we were only kidding, but then once the responses started flooding in, things got kind of serious. Which one is the best? Could we use one of these as a branded hashtag for the venue?

Read some of the best responses we received below and let us know if you have your own unique idea:

  • Love the sin you’re in
  • A different kind of worship
  • Leave everything at the altar
  • God is a DJ
  • Worship Responsibly
  • Born in sin, come on in
  • A religious experience
  • Music is our religion
  • Not the worship you think it is!
  • A universal religion
  • Salvation within
  • Repent your sins
  • As above, so below
  • The Limelight of Denver
  • Where music heals the soul

Some of these made us “lol”:

  • Get wrecked with jeebus
  • Blessed are they who do hunger and thirst after bass, for they shall be quenched
  • Baptism by bass
  • Praying to the bass gods

Thanks everyone for submitting your comments!