“A+! Thank you very much for doing an excellent job at the YPO Coronation Ball. Paul, Debbie, Leslie and I were thrilled with your team’s work. The degree of difficulty of the staging, decorating, A/V, bartending, and coordination was insane. And you and your team pulled it off without a hitch. Thanos, Alex, and the rest of the crew were great. We had high expectations and you crushed them.”

– Geoff Smart, Ph.D.

“Everyone had a great time. We loved the room; the staff was efficient and helpful! Vinyl is a wonderful, untapped resource.”

– Joni Goheen

“The party was a smashing success exceeding everyone’s wildest expectations. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with South of Colfax Nightlife District and enthusiastically recommend holding your private party at one of their exceptional venues.”

– Monika Magenheim

“The party (at Vinyl) was a huge success. The weather was perfect, the bartenders were fantastic and everyone had a great time!”

– Rachel Bakst

“I just wanted to thank you for an absolutely fabulous 40th birthday! I was blown away by the entire experience…food, presentation, atmosphere, and service. The party (at The Living Room) was superb from start to finish. All of the guests let me know how much they enjoyed your hospitality. It was truly a pleasure to work with you and your staff! I couldn’t have asked for a better celebration. Please share this with everyone who was involved.”

– Stephanie Mehleck

“I think the First Annual Whole Planet Party went REALLY well! The staff was very helpful and professional. Skylar did a great job! He was running around all night taking care of whatever the bands needed. I also heard a lot of positive feedback from the guests who were at the event. People thought the different rooms were really cool, the sound was good, and the service was fast and friendly. A lot of the guests had never been there, and I think they would go back for another event. I really enjoyed working with the Bar Standard team, and seeing all of our hard work come to life. Please pass on my accolades and appreciation!”

– Meg Morris

“Everyone had a great time (at Bar Standard)! Andrew and all the bartenders were great and very receptive to all our requests. Thanks for all of your help! I really appreciate it.”

– Nicole Moyle

“It went great…and all the kids, parents and teachers – as always – thank you very much! And a special thanks to Thanos, Michelle and Jason for their help (at City Hall)!”

– David Clamage

“I want to say thank you to The Church Night Club and their staff, support, team. Not only was The Church ( by far ) the most unique club I have ever been in (with Club Bed in Miami to be a FAR 2nd, and the Foundation Room to be 3rd), The Church wins hands down for the most unique, kick ass staff. The management team that helped us get in led by (April) and the team that was led by (Thanos) who helped us throughout the day, and we have to give props to the bartenders who served us up some lovely drinks during our after party. Make sure you visit them at www.coclubs.com to see what they are doing on Thursdays, Fridays, Sat and Sun.”

– David Hamilton