Meet the SoCo Staff: Stephanie Kroll – Marketing Director

Posted: Friday December 9, 2016

Meet the SoCo Staff: Stephanie Kroll – Marketing Director

Get to know SoCo‘s Marketing Director: Stephanie Kroll


SoCo Nightlife District is proud to introduce our Marketing Director, Stephanie Kroll. Stephanie started in July of 2016. Before SoCo, she worked for sovrn, an advertising company in the Denver area. She also had a two year run in Los Angeles working for Hulu and gained event marketing experience at AEG Live in Denver.

During her last job, her company started focusing on other projects and she found her position at a lull. She took advantage of this time to focus on what she really wanted in life in order to move her career in the direction of her passions. After reflecting a bit, she realized that at each stage in her life, one thing remained constant – she had always wanted to work in the music industry and had always loved music. She found herself constantly diverting back to this and decided to aggressively pursue this goal.

She was reminded how much she loved big festivals and events after attending CRSSD in San Diego this past March. After returning from the festival, she had met a few people who worked in the industry and asked herself why she wasn’t capable of accomplishing the same thing. Stephanie continued to attend more events to network and also traveled to Las Vegas for EDM Biz by herself on a whim. This conference provided Stephanie with heightened knowledge regarding the current state of the music industry. This experience solidified her desire to work in show marketing.

Previously, Stephanie’s favorite job was starting out in marketing with AEG Live. She loved working with music in event marketing and she knew this was work she could do long term. The same year, she received a job offer from Hulu, which was in Los Angeles. She always wanted to explore living in California, and she was at a time in her life where she was willing to make the move. While living in LA, Stephanie always remained connected with people in the music industry on a social level and continued to network.

After spending some time in a corporate environment, she realized that she didn’t necessarily love working for larger companies and didn’t always find her values in line with what the companies she had worked for represented. Although these positions taught her a lot about the basis of marketing and advertising, she still didn’t love what she was doing. Stephanie never wanted to work just for the dollar. Spending her time involved with projects she was truly passionate about was important to her. She became burnt out easily on tasks she didn’t love and was still seeking out the environment where she was able to thrive.

Stephanie previously worked in the Factory Design Labs building in Cherry Creek. This office building was home to multiple music and media companies which allowed her to connect with local industry professionals. After networking at a variety of shows and SoCo events in the Denver area, Stephanie found herself applying to be SoCo’s new Marketing Director on the recommendation of a friend, and with a stroke of good fortune, landed the job. The rest is history.

Stephanie was born and raised in Denver. She attended CU Boulder and was a member of the University of Colorado Express Dance Team. She studied Business Marketing and owes a lot of her success to her college mentor, who continues to offer her guidance today. Stephanie oftentimes considered transferring to CU Denver’s Music Business program but fate had different plans for her. She graduated with her degree from the Leeds School of Business in 2012.

Stephanie was on nationally ranked championship dance teams in both high school and college and received two State Championship titles. She is also a singer – as a kid she auditioned and made it into many classically trained choral groups such as the Colorado Children’s Chorale and other local singing entities. She attended vocal competitions in high school and still continues to sing as a hobby today but hasn’t explored this avenue in some time.

Stephanie has always had a love for music. During her teenage years she frequented emo, alternative and indie shows in the Denver scene regularly. Scouring through multiple music platforms for new and unheard of talent that she could share with her friends was something she spent hundreds of hours on while growing up, and still enjoys it to this day. Stephanie’s obsession with electronic music began in 2008 after graduating from high school. She became really involved in the electronic music scene in Denver and began attending as many shows as possible. One show in particular stands out as being instrumental in her growing love for the scene. Deadmau5 and Skrillex came to Denver in 2010 and Stephanie was hooked after that night. There was something magical about that show, it was a total game changer for her.

There were a few times in Stephanie’s life where she diverted her attention away from dance music but she always found herself coming back to it. She wasn’t as interested in making music herself but has always been interested in supporting and growing talented artists’ careers. Her music taste continues to shift often and she has always been into a wide variety of genres. She recently finds herself loving either deep, emotional electronic music or really dark, heavy beats. She enjoys the blend of live music that includes electronic influences. You will NEVER find her listening to country. Stephanie loves DJ sets but believes there is something unique to be said about live music performances as well. Each show to her is a once in a lifetime, inspirational experience.

In high school, She used to go to The Church for club nights, and one of her sorority formals was held at Bar Standard. Stephanie had been through all of SoCo’s venues at various points in her life, she just didn’t realize they were all associated. During her time as Marketing Director, Stephanie has helped strengthen SoCo’s parent brand and has enhanced the social presence of all SoCo venues and events. She continues to excel at creative communication between SoCo and the public, while building up the company in places it needs it the most. We are excited to see Stephanie continue to contribute to SoCo Nightlife District’s success in the future.

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