Rotating Art & Interactive Experience

Posted: Friday February 24, 2017

Rotating Art & Interactive Experience

SoCo Nightlife aims to enhance the guest experience:

We want to explore Installation Art, and we need your help…


Installation art is a catch-all term that describes pretty much any arrangement of objects in an exhibition space. This could vary from a room full of sculptures to a space filled with video monitors. What marks an installation apart from sculpture or other traditional art forms is its emphasis on a total, unified experience, rather than a display of separate, individual artworks. An interactive installation frequently involves the audience acting on the work of art or the piece responding to users’ activity.

Meow Wolf:

Meow Wolf  is an arts production company that creates immersive, multimedia experiences that transport audiences of all ages into fantastic realms of storytelling. Their work is a combination of jungle gym, haunted house, children’s museum, and immersive art exhibit. This unique fusion of art and entertainment gives audiences fictional worlds to explore.

Disney occupies a strange place in culture. On one hand it symbolizes some of the worst relationships between business and art, on the other the park is a clockwork city that treats its different attractions with utmost care, even reverence. Where else can you watch pirates sack a coastal village, then get menaced by a yeti on a mountain peak and then get sucked through a black hole all in the space of one afternoon? That’s where the inspiration for this piece below came from.



Artist, Yayoi Kusama — A Japanese pop, feminist and surrealist artist, Yayoi Kusama (b. 1929) influenced other creators including George Segal and Andy Warhol.


One individual recounts their experience with the installation featured below:

“I walked into the antechamber of the installation and foolishly assumed that that was all. I leaned against what I assumed was a wall and felt it give. It was actually a door! I opened it and saw mannequins covered in polka dots stretching off into infinity. I was completely unprepared for it and it remains one of the coolest surprises I’ve ever experienced.”

Yayoi Kusama discusses her installation: “My ominous recollection: one day, I was looking at a tablecloth covered in red flowers, which was spread out on the table. Then I looked up towards the ceiling. There, on the windows and even on the pillars, I would see the same red flowers. They were all over the place in the room, my body, and entire universe. I finally came to a self-obliteration and returned to be restored to the infinity of eternal time and the absoluteness of space. I was not having a vision. It was a true reality. I was astounded. Unless I got out of here, the curse of those flowers will seize my life! I ran frantically up the stairs. As I looked down, the sight of each step falling apart made me stumble. I fell all the way down the stairs and sprained my leg.”


 We want to enhance our guest’s nightlife experience by combining music and art in a way that installation art makes possible.

SoCo Nightlife is turning The Church into an immersive art experience and we need your help! We’re looking for artists and installation whizzes who have visions to co-create immersive, multimedia experiences to use our beloved Church to transport the dance music world into a fantastic realm of storytelling. We’re open to all types of work – from jungle gyms to haunted houses, light engineering, interactive art installations, museum set ups, etc. We want to fuse art and entertainment to give SoCo audiences and fans new and fictional worlds to explore while they dance.

If you’re interested, please submit a detailed proposal including all costs, crew needs, and sketches or mock-ups or photographs. We will not consider projects that are not fully fleshed out with budget requirements and photos/sketches. This is not a place to submit your music project nor your performance piece. We will not respond to those proposals if submitted here.

Please submit projects by 3/31 to Attn: Lauren Kashuk

Please include:

  • Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Website
  • Project Facebook Page (if it exists)
  • Does your project require power?
  • If so, what are your power requirements ?
  • Does your project require heavy equipment?
  • If so what type and for how long?
  • Include a project proposal
  • Include additional supporting documents or photos
  • Describe your project

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