Meet the SoCo Staff: Taylor – Marketing Coordinator

Posted: Monday September 11, 2017

Meet the SoCo Staff: Taylor – Marketing Coordinator

By the time Taylor started her marketing coordinator position with SoCo in 2017 she already had several years of music business experience under her belt. During her time at Endit! Management she worked with STS9 and other artists while her tenure at Sweetwine Entertainment Group was spent managing a handful of electronic artists like SunSquabi. Taylor also runs Super Best Records, an imprint founded by electronica producer Michal Menert.

In addition to her music business know-how, Taylor headed up social media for Souls in Action, where she also learned about street teaming. Those skills have come in handy for marketing job at SoCo.

“Seeing how fans react and engaging with them in conversation really interests me about marketing,” she says. “Also, when I market a show, I learn so much about that act and sometimes I get really emotionally invested with it and my passion for this job blossoms more.”

While Taylor says she’s still learning a lot about social media, she says there’s something new to discover every day.

“That’s what’s pretty interesting about this job; it isn’t going to go away anytime soon,” Taylor says. “I got here today with years of experience and watching what others do. Going through several internships and often being told I wasn’t experienced enough just pushed me to prove them wrong. I would go home, study anything that I could, and come back the next day with more knowledge.

“Having the opportunity to run a record label has really helped develop my skills in this industry. My advice would be to follow everything that interests you and then some. Dare to take risks and get weird. Staying outside of the box allows for conversation and if there’s anything I’ve learned since working with SoCo, it’s that any conversation, bad or good, is good conversation.”

Taylor first learned about SoCo by going to the Church and Club Vinyl, and now that she’s part of the SoCo team she says that not only does it feel like family in the office but in the clubs as well. The managers, security, and bartenders all welcome her, and she loves the feeling of euphoria she gets from that.

“Having a team that believes in you and supports you is hands down the best thing someone could ask for in a work environment,” Taylor says. “There’s room to grow here – I’m already dipping my feet in talent buying. It’s really awesome to have the people you work with, stand by your side. At the end of the day, we’re all here to make something great together and that’s why I truly love SoCo.”

Each of SoCo’s venues holds a spot in Taylor’s heart. When she’s at the clubs, Taylor says she likes being off the to the side, watching everything come together and “seeing the crowd enjoy something I got to be a part of is such a tickle in my heart.”


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