Meet the SoCo Staff: Dante – Latin Promoter

Posted: Friday November 17, 2017

Meet the SoCo Staff: Dante – Latin Promoter

When Dante Gallegos was 6 years old he decided he had two paths to go down in life. One was to be a clown and travel the world making people laugh. The other was to be a DJ and make people dance. But after countless auditions and jobs in different circuses he realized that no matter how much he tried be a clown he wasn’t going to be one since a clown is born.

So, Gallegos, who is SoCo’s Latin Nights promoter, went the DJ route. He started doing his own mixes at home when he was 14 years old, and he was always creating mixes in his mind. He landed his first DJ job at one of the best clubs in Mexico when he was 16 and since then he’s traveled the world as a DJ, spinning everything from ‘60s through ‘80s music, bossa nova, tropical, techno, hip-hop and more.

Gallegos is also part of Que Pasa Colorado (formerly D Sound Entertainment), a marketing and entertainment company that targets the Hispanic market in Colorado. When Gallegos got the call in 2006 about starting Latin Nights at The Church he was very excited about the prospect since he knew Denver was ready for it.

“Everyone used to think that the Mexican/Hispanic market only listened to Mexican regional music,” he says. “So, we decided to do something completely different. Once again Denver needed something new so we gathered a couple DJs, including myself, and we started Noches en la Catedral.”

Gallegos says that Colorado has grown so much since the early 2000s, that the state has seen many changes.

“Denver now has Peruvian, Puerto Rican, Colombian, Dominican Republic, Mexican, Central American Festivals, just to name a few,” he says. “We see more and more people dancing and singing Latin music, from salsa, cumbia, bachata, reggaetón, rock en español, pop en español and much more. We see more and more Hispanic concerts and events every year, so much that the biggest inside venue in Denver – the Pepsi Center — has more and more Hispanic concerts every year. I love it!”

Gallegos says his favorite part about working for SoCo is that he’s always learning something new from the owners and they care so much for every single employee.

“Just to be part of a company with so much history,” Gallegos says,” a company that always cares for the customer presenting the best experience and entertainment possible worldwide. Plus, The Church is the best nightclub in the country, in my opinion, I mean come on, it’s in a church!”