Meet the SoCo Staff: Dani – Event Liaison

Posted: Tuesday October 31, 2017

Meet the SoCo Staff: Dani – Event Liaison

As SoCo’s Event Liaison, the most important part of Dani’s job is making sure the DJs get to SoCo’s venues and are happy, something she’s done since starting with the company in 2016. And studying event and entertainment management at Johnson & Wales University paid off with her position at SoCo.

“It kind of just fit right in with the career path that I’ve chosen for myself,” she says. “I’ve interned with different companies and slowly just worked my way to a position within the entertainment world.”

Before she started working full time at SoCo, Dani spent a lot of time at TheHundred shows at Bar Standard on Fridays and was always at Vinyl on Saturdays. “They were some of my favorite venues in Denver and had all the music I wanted.”

Although Dani’s been to numerous SoCo events, she says that 2016’s Cloak and Dagger Music Festival was her favorite. “It was fun so see months of work get pulled off and getting to hang out with so many different artists on one night,” she says, “and running back and forth between venues.”

Dani says her favorite part about working with SoCo are her coworkers. “It’s a family run business and you can feel the family dynamic amongst the company,” she says. “It makes coming to work so enjoyable knowing you truly enjoy what you’re doing and you are reaching a goal with people you admire around you.”

The best advice Dani received has helped her reach her own goals. While in middle school, a girl a year older than Dani told her there were two sides of every story and to never pick a side.

“That has stuck with me my entire life and helps me when conflict arises with people, to hear them out and always stay neutral,” she says. “It helps me keep a level head.”