Meet the SoCo Staff: Brennen – Talent Buyer

Posted: Tuesday October 31, 2017

Meet the SoCo Staff: Brennen – Talent Buyer

As Talent Buyer for SoCo, Brennen looks for relevance more than anything when booking acts for the company’s venues. He says it’s about pairing up the right talent with the right promoters as well as working with acts that promoters are excited about.

Before Brennen started working full time for SoCo in 2016, he DJ-ed around the country as Option4 and started promoting shows in 2011 as TheHundred. He says his experience as a DJ helps when it comes to booking shows.

“It’s been huge for my brand with TheHundred,” he says. “You get fair pricing when you’re already friends with the majority of the talent pool. Also, it’s easy to see what’s trending as a DJ so booking talent goes hand in hand.”

Before Brennen started his job at SoCo, he’d been going to the company’s venues for a dozen years. In 2014, Brennan started the Cloak & Dagger Music Festival at SoCo venues that has become an annual event. Instead of focusing on more mainstream EDM, the festival featured more underground and experimental artists. He says it was a fun and exciting process putting the event together.

Brennen says his favorite part about working with SoCo is that he works with a lot of really capable people. “They help me balance out my neurotic brain,” he jokes. Brennen adds that SoCo founder Regas is “an amazing individual and he trusts my vision for the clubs.”

Between booking and promoting shows as well has producing and DJ-ing, Brennen says he hasn’t had free time for about a half a decade. “One day I’d like to not look at my email or phone for a minute,” he says. “That’d be rad.”