Meet the SoCo Staff: April – Events Director

Posted: Wednesday August 9, 2017

Meet the SoCo Staff: April – Events Director

April first started her adventure at SoCo in 2007 after SoCo Nightlife District’s owner Regas, who she originally met through a mutual acquaintance in 2000, asked her to book artists for his venues. While that gig was initially a side project/hobby, she started as full-time SoCo sales employee in 2009.

Nearly a decade later, April says she feels her time with the company is still, fresh, fun and that “there is never a dull moment in SoCo. It’s always fast-paced and fun and never pretentious. We like to keep it real!”

And April knows all about keeping it real. She’s known for her emails, organizational skills and trusty to-do list as well as an incredible sense of humor and wit, which rubs on the clubs, and she says one of her favorite things is getting an unexpected laugh from Veronica, our Marketing Director.

Aside from her trusty organizational talents, April’s love of all kinds of music (from country to rock to the “pop formerly known as EDM”) has come into play when booking several major events for SoCo, whether it’s Microsoft 11, the SIA Burton Tradeshow booths in 2015 and 2016, the RIMS conference or the last New Year’s Eve event, Higher Society with Alex Grey. But of all the events she’s booked, she says her favorite event to plan has been SoCo’s holiday party “…because it’s our party!”

Among the different SoCo venues, April says her favorite is the Living Room, which she describes as a “totally hip, yet casual space to hang out and watch the action at the clubs on a Friday or Saturday.” She also likes that the venue serves food and says that “it’s not always the place that matters, it’s the people there that make space come alive. A club is never the same place twice.”

Although April says she’s usually working even when she’s not in the SoCo office she uses her free time to visit museums and cultural spots, read and spend time outdoors like biking or going to hot springs. April is also the chair of the parent organization at her daughter’s school, the treasurer of the Golden Triangle Museum District Executive Board of Directors, and a volunteer with The Urban Farm 4H Club, where she leads her daughter’s rabbit group.

April loves people watching and getting to know new people. Come on out to one of our upcoming events and say hello to April, or drop her a line on one of our venue’s social media sites.




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