Gigamesh Interview With The Green Solution

Posted: Thursday December 29, 2016

Gigamesh Interview With The Green Solution

Denver Disco and The Green Solution present: Gigamesh at

Bar Standard

9am – 2am  •  December 30, 2016

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Nu-disco don Gigamesh is coming through Bar Standard for a Denver Disco party this Friday! The Green Solution recently interviewed the legendary Gigamesh in preparation for his set tomorrow night at Bar Standard.

Gigamesh has been hard at work completing his album, ‘Time Travel’, which came out at the end of October. After his album release, Gigamesh started the longest tour of his career which spanned the month of November. Previously, his tours were usually a week or two long, so this was a notable career advancement.

Gigamesh has dedicated the past two years to creating ‘Time Travel’. Some tracks on the album have actually been in the works for over two years. ‘Time Travel’ features guest vocalists, instrumental and sample based songs. This project allowed Gigamesh to play around with different ideas and concepts that may not necessarily work well as singles, but help complete one cohesive album. He had creative freedom partly due to the fact that there was no record label involvement.

When Gigamesh first got started, he worked with Mike Posner to create ‘Cooler Than Me’. He happened to get in contact with Mike Posner’s manager after entering a remix contest for another artist he managed. Gigamesh didn’t have a manager at the time so he created the remix under a typical contract/work for hire deal, and then signed over all the rights. This song benefited Gigamesh in terms of exposure, more remix projects, and touring. It was a great learning experience and helped build a solid relationship with Mike Posner and his manager for future projects.

Gigamesh mostly works from his home studio. He recently moved to LA (about a year ago) and plans to tap into the studio world a bit more. He doesn’t stress too much over chart ratings as it can be disheartening. He realized it may have been beneficial to release ‘Time Travel’ under a label to take advantage of their email lists and social network audiences. The benefit of releasing his album by himself is that he owns everything and collects all royalties.

Social media plays a huge role in everything Gigamesh does. It provides him a channel to connect with his fans and remain interactive. He is already working on new singles and is excited to continue to grow and move on to the next project.

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GIG·A·MESH [gig-uh-mesh]

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