DJ Sensé at Milk Bar 2.10.17

Posted: Wednesday February 8, 2017

DJ Sensé at Milk Bar 2.10.17

House Guest & Supernova present:

|| DJ Sensé at Milk Bar ||


+ Autumn Kimble‘s Level 40 Celebration

w/ special guest: King Louis III

(U&I Productions / Rinse-N-Repeat, Las Vegas)

plus residents:

Steve Synfull & Brett Starr

DJ Sensé is a definite stand-out DJ who can work comfortably in a variety of styles. From banging, big-room mixes to down-tempo chillout, he slays the game but usually tends to deliver deep, dirty, soul-kissed house grooves for heads. If Denver had a dance-music Hall of Fame, DJ Sensé would be one of its inaugural inductees. Back in the ’90s, Sensé helped shape the dance-music scene that continues to flourish to this day. As a DJ and producer, he brought the classic New York house sound and experience to Denver. He then went on to create the record/store and label Casa Del Soul, which helped put Denver on the map.

The original concept of Casa Del Soul started in the early nineties when DJ Sensé converted his parents garage into a makeshift clubhouse. He was attending college at Syracuse University and caught the electronic music from Colorado’s early rave scene and New York influences. DJ Sensé gained much of his dance music roots from attending events like the original Disco 2000 at the Limelight, Danny Tenaglia’s seminal D-Tour nights at the Tunnel, and by taking note from the epic nights on the dancefloor at Twilo. All contributed greatly to the sound and influences of Casa Del Soul.

The turntables, mixer and a home stereo system became the centerpiece of this makeshift clubhouse. DJ Sensé and a small group of his friends began collecting records in ’91. Through the years, DJ Sensé created close bonds with a very tight knit crew driven by house music. This creative space became the original Casa Del Soul. This clubhouse was the starting point for friends to get together and it was the place to be after raves. There DJ Sensé and many of his friends shared memories, music and more that lasts to this day.

After graduating from Syracuse with a degree in Advertising design, DJ Sensé eventually started doing graphic design with an upstart design firm called Factory Design Labs, started by fellow DJ and dance music lover Jonas Tempel. Factory Design Labs has become one of the nation’s hottest creative agencies and is responsible for the hugely successful online dance music site, Beatport.

While working at Factory Design Labs, DJ Sensé had always dreamed of opening a record shop, which came to fruition in ’98. Casa Del Soul Records was born and eventually became Denver’s premier record shop for all genres of electronic dance music – downtempo to drum and bass, to house and techno, to progressive and trance and beyond.

Eventually he started a record label to coincide with the store. DJ Sensé released Casa Del Soul’s first record in late ’99. The record was DJ Foxx “The Collective EP” which went on to appear on the very first Tyrant mix CD mixed by none other than Lee Burridge and Craig Richards. DJ Sensé then realized he had more to contribute to the world of dance music than just a record shop. Casa Del Soul Records continues to put out underground house records and will continue to release music as long as it can.

Casa Del Soul Records originally set out to be the musical line that ran through the entire DJ crew. Each individual DJ had something fresh to bring to the table from their influences and personal tastes. These individual musical tastes covered a very broad spectrum of dance music and the result, a hybrid record label was born that many have categorized as “tech-house”. Though somewhat accurate in its description, DJ Sensé describes the music that he has released on Casa Del Soul as “Music that rides the line between genres and give DJ’s those crucial records to get from one place to another.”

Coming from a collective of 6 core DJ’s, Casa Del Soul had become a hybrid label that sounded fresh and new.  Best of all, it came from a unique perspective that was distinctly Denver. Denver, being situated in the center of the country, has always had a lot of different influences when it came to dance music. Denver would get breaks from the South, techno, disco house, booty house from the midwest, that laidback house sound of the West Coast, tribal and garage sounds that DJ Sensé brought back with him from NYC and of course the many different sounds that came in from Europe.

After two years in NYC, DJ Sensé moved himself and the label operations back to Denver to produce music and DJ with longtime friend and colleague DJ Dealer (Look At You Records, formerly of The Pound Boys). There he began to take the label in a more US House direction with the newly formed partnership and newly found spark for all things house music.

Presently DJ Sensé now resides in Las Vegas and continues to own and operate Casa Del Soul Records with the same ideals that he started with. He has also brought Vegas house DJ Carlos Sanchez on board to help run label operations. Carlos is one of the partners of House Society and has been an integral part of bringing REAL dance music back to Vegas through events and his numerous DJ residencies throughout the city.

Make sure you grab this opportunity to catch a little bit of Denver house-music history with DJ Sensé at Milk Bar.


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